Contact me

In case anyone wishes to contact me for… whatever reason (maybe my writing has caused you to be infatuated with me?) then feel free to send me an email at

If you feel you’ve got some awesome article or review you wish to share, please feel free to message me about it, and we’ll talk. More people wishing to write on here the better. You don’t have to be a UK-born dual national with USA like I am to write here, don’t worry!

2 comments on “Contact me

  1. I have a website
    And i would love for you to post your writing in the forums, I read two of them and think you have a good view of the game. Maybe get more viewers and Big Tree Gaming is all about user created content, so it would be awesome to have you submit some stuff.
    If anything just check out the site, I think its a good homepage for gamers.

    Arjuna da Silva

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