This site is one among hundreds of thousands; a blog/newsreel wherein I post mostly video game-related news, interviews, reviews and articles that I write.

Whether you want to consider this site my little online-portfolio or in fact something interesting you want to check up on to see an interesting perspective, is up to you (but I recommend the latter!) but I’ll be posting hopefully interesting stuff up here as time goes by.

Obviously, the site is a little bare, but I did take some time to design this site and get it all working, so be kind if you please. Or, you know, sling harsh criticism about my mother’s parental abilities, whatever.

To any of those wondering about the name: I live in the UK, however I am a dual national citizen of both UK and USA thanks to my Illinois-an dad, so my perspective is from one who is exposed to American culture… but not quite.

I thought it was clever…

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