2 comments on “AAR of Hrolf de Normandie: Introduction

  1. Hi! Before everything, I beg you to forgive my horrible english, I am actually from Normandy. Firstly I’m happy that someone else care about Hrolf in this game. When I bought the DLC I knew the game starts in 867 but not that we couldn’t move the beggining date! Indeed the Norman Conquest dates from 911 and Paradox made a mistake ( for me ) while blocking the date. After this the character of Hrolf is not realy faithful to the reality:
    Hrolf became catholic after the Conquest ( it was a term of the peace pact with the french king ) and the first of his descendants who respected the religious rules (Have only one woman) was William the Conqueror! By the way, that was the reason why he could win the English Throne helped by the pope.
    I hope there will be an update with an invasion army headed by Hrolf against Charles Le Chauve.
    Thank you for your awesomes posts and may you continue a long time!

    • I’m really glad you like the AAR!

      The history of it all has always really interested me, and I’ve been wanting to do this since I originally bought the game; with this DLC, now I can!

      I do agree that his representation was incorrect; that’s why I modded him to be a Norse Pagan! I think it’s possible that, because the game shoved him in a Norse Catholic Duchy, he had to be a Catholic or risk execution!

      I’m afraid I won’t be able to invade Charles Le Chauve, because he’s been murdered! His own son joined a plot of a Bishop to murder him, and now his kingdom was divided, and then brought together again with both West Francia and Aquitaine as one!

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