17 comments on “Crusader Kings 2: Stupid friends won’t play, learn from their mistake. Please?

    • Thanks! And extra special thanks for the feedback, it’s always appreciated.

      If you like it, please feel free to share it on your Facebook or your own site, the exposure is always appreciated 🙂

  1. I will often spend an entire day or more playing a game and I’ll be dying to tell this huge story of my dynasty and all the craziness involved to someone. But then I realize I would sound quite mad to someone not playing it.

  2. I think the former of the de Normandie dynasty is a courtier in some viking court in 867. Can’t remember which though, but I have seen him around.

    • I’ve actually found him; his name is Hrolf de Normandie, a Norse-cultre but Catholic courtier in the Duke of Holland’s court.

      He’s likely placed there due to PI not wanting to take a side in the argument about whether he was from Norway, or Denmark. However, considering the other candidate for Hrolf being the son or a Norse county (can’t remember which one) is existent, I think they may as well have taken a side 😛

    • Thanks! Exactly; it’s just such a great game! Glad you liked it, I’ll be doing many more like it, including the AAR I mentioned so keep track of me 🙂

  3. So I have massive amounts of trouble playing this AND a lot of it seems to be simply waiting for things to happen…sooo if you want to play a game to teach someone who does own it the ins and outs to get me to play it more…let me know. We can even rp during the game and post about it (did this with Civilization before and it was great fun)

      • Cool so when is a good time for you to start? I will be out of town for a bit…use my email to find me on steam.

      • Still there I am still interested in doing this just let me know! After about August 22nd won’t be time for it…

  4. You met a Janitor that plays CKII…damn awesome. Wish I could play multi, my comp lags a lot with the game itself. I recently screwed my game playing as Navarra. Was getting close to taking over Spain and setting my empire when I had unexpected family issues and my dynasty didn’t inherit. Was far in the game, terrible. I’d buy the DLC’s but $40 even on sale is a little much.

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