4 comments on “Razer still not saying a word about the 90% discount bug on their site on the 16th.

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    • That is a… remarkably similar article to mine. When was it posted, pray tell?

      Okay, never mind, I’m a moron who doesn’t understand how WordPress works…

  2. you are an asshole. you have no “legal” grounds. razer isnt on the phone with their legal team because in checking out you accept that it can be cancelled for any reason as long as they issue you a refund. get bent. you are admitting to doing something you thought was mildly wrong. what part of 90% off is a normal thing to you? writing on your blog isnt going to stir the pot in your favor either. be mad at razer. dont order from them any more…. but really when you take advantage of things like that there is a 99.9999% chance you order will be voided. See the great SSD/MACMALL scramble from about 3 months ago as an example….

    • Wanting to know what is happening with regards to a lot of people’s orders is not being an asshole. I’m not saying I’m legally entitled to anything, and I am aware that it is quite likely they’ll refund people, but the deafening silence from Razer only serves to exacerbate the tension of the situation.

      I’m not attempting to “stir the pot” with this post. I enjoy writing articles, as well as reporting on news relevant to my interest.

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