3 comments on “The key to supporting. Please, don’t just sit in the brush… Part 2 – Support Champions (1/2)

  1. I’ve been maining support for months now and I just have to say that I love your articles and what you are saying. Reading this I get so happy since I coincidentally main Leona,Lulu,Taric and Thresh (I played Nami and I like her but right now she feels weak compared to the others :/) and I totally agree with everything. Other supports like Nunu, Soraka, Janna have really been getting weaker in the current meta or the adc that work well with them. Since Vayne, Draven, Varus are some of the strongest adc right now they need supports with the ability to keep them alive even with their short range and limited escape. I am not saying Nunu/Cait and Sona/MF doesn’t work, it’s just that in the current meta it’s much more effective and devastating with a Vayne/Lulu or a Draven/Thresh both in late-game and laning faze.

    Really good job with the articles so far, I’m just waiting for your ideas in the next one 😉

    TuffG0ng NA

    • Thanks a bunch TuffG0ng!

      Nami I will admit feels weak playing her, but the interesting thing is that she just does so much from such a varied kit, it was difficult to not put her in the list 😛

      Previous supports such as Nunu and Soraka are indeed discussed in my next article; Nunu used to be FotM, but has since died down since the nerfs, and rightly so.

      Draven still suffers from his lack of a sufficient late game without early game feed, however; Cait and MF both scale far better into the late game than him sadly 😦

      Again, thank you! Next one will be up in a few days, elaborating on this, then the next one after that is support advanced tips 🙂

      PS: If you want to help out, share and like the article to help spread it around! 🙂 I also have a reddit thread for it here: http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/1b907f/the_key_to_supporting_please_dont_just_sit_in_the/

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