7 comments on “My progress so far in the League of Draven

    • Only about 10 months myself; I’m on EUW, I usually play ADC or jungle myself.

      Feel free to add me and play with me if you like – Summoner name: Aldrahill

      • A shame! Well, if I ever move over to NA I’ll hit you up 🙂

        I don’t, as I said I’m usually ADC and jungle; I don’t much jungle Nunu. he’s got great clear times and such, I just don’t see him as a great fit as a jungler in Season 3. Sub-par ganks, and lategame tank nunu is only soso.

        I love him on my team when I’m playing Vayne though! 🙂

      • Interesting. I used to jungle as him a ton and when I tried it again the other day, it just wasn’t the same. Me and Blitz totally carried late game though. It was really fun. Have you seen an Annie and Blitz lane bot before?

      • Yeah, the S3 items just don’t work with him well, and hit kit just isn’t good in comparison to many other junglers. If you want to play a champion with a way to innately secure buffs, just play Cho’Gath! 😀

        I’ve seen it more on streams than I have here in EUW, I imagine it’d be very deadly. Send the ADC top lane, someone like Vayne maybe? That’d be nice. A few of my friend love playing BlitzStair (Blitzcrank + Alistair) in bot lane for all that CC.

      • Yeah Cho is just awesome. Me and a friend used to lane with Annie and Blitz and I would get my stun ready with Tibbers and Blitz would pull them into all of my burst damage. Few rarely survive lol. Yeah BlitzStair is a great team.

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