6 comments on “Why Baba Yetu should be humankind’s anthem.

  1. We’re sending more voyager discs out? 😮

    I know they put on erm.. i forget but its about loneliness (simply because space is so empty and we are so alone)

    • No, not to my knowledge 😛 But my point was that this is the song that should be there. It’s just such a perfect example of our culture and existence.

      There are a lot of great pieces on the actual Voyager, though 🙂

    • I imagine that any sentient race is likely to have developed some form of worship in one capacity or another; I am not saying that people are inherently religious however! I’m simply saying that I think that sentience grants an individual too much curiosity through thought for someone in their race’s existence to not have created some form of reason for everything.

      I imagine that any race that manages to reach us would understand our capacity for religion; what I fear however, is that they may not understand how we have yet to outgrow it.

  2. My high school choir performed this song last year =) Pretty much brightened my entire day to see this post; thank you!

    • And your comment just brightened my entire day 🙂

      Hopefully you’ll keep reading so I can keep making your day better!

      Thanks for reading!

      PS: I wish I could be a part of choir to sing that song; I’d love to be the main voice on it, that’d be so cool…

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