4 comments on “What do you do when you’re jungling?

  1. You are one of the first people I’ve read who really emphasizes the fact that staying unseen is power. If the other team doesn’t see you, you’re everywhere. I think you summed up the role quite well

    • Well, thank you!

      I’d agree with you that most of the guides I see out there focus only on the importance of ganks and counter-jungling, whereas the true strength of a jungler is the immense power behind the mystery of your location. As you said, if they don’t you, you’re everywhere.

  2. I would also add that mid lane is the easiest and most accessible lane to gank

    Its the solo lane that is squishy and doesn’t have a support ( top is a tankier champ usually)
    After Ganking it is easy to jump back into the jungle (access to both sides)
    After Gakning mid you can follow up on top or bot ( they are the same distance)
    Ap getting fed early game is the most effective (ad–scales into late game as ap–falls off in comparison)
    Getting mid tower early gives a lot of map dominance (take their blues and drag) and allows mid to roam.

    • I will agree with that; however, it creates difficulties with the ease in which one can ward. One can do lane ganks to top / bot, thus creating great opportunities and that are often not warded.

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