One comment on “Let’s talk about Draven.

  1. Armourpen runes are better on draven, and increase your damage in general through lane AND late game since the AD Flat / % changes to work multiplicative (on any adc for that matter) at the cost of not being able to last hit as effectively, but the long sword start makes it easy to last hit, so this isn’t a problem. Season 3 changes made Armour pen far more worth having. Dravens early game damage with full armour pen is monstrous, to the point of nearly doing true damage per Q. Try it out.

    The reason you don’t see draven in competitive play that much is because he’s a pure Chase champion. His entire kit (refreshable speed buff) is designed to chase people down and wreck them, thus he HAS to be at an advantage to do so. Add to that no gap closer so any hard-cc team pretty much ruins him.

    He will remain a Solo Q monster always though.

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