2 comments on “Finally getting into ranked, ELO hell and my experiences with LoL Ranked so far.

  1. I’ll follow this with interest, I’m a pretty casual LoL player but it would be nice to get advice from someone who doesn’t devote their life to LoL or consider themselves adept. Any jungling advice would be awesome, i’m thinking of doing it this season as it’s a great way to learn how to strategize properly and read the game.

  2. Thanks for the interest!

    I’ll be glad to give some jungling advice; I mained jungle a little while ago, but have seemingly swtiched to ADC as it’s what getting me into a better ELO, but I still some information about jungling.

    I’m going to do a post about my favourite ADC, Draven, to begin with but then I’ll take your request and do a jungling post!

    Thanks again!

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